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I like it!
  „...always present where wood is processed...”
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First of all, we wish you another jubilee, to be it as fruitful and open to changes as so far. 
While browsing through the February issue, I noticed the clarity of the whole issue and subdued, elegant graphics. I also liked the matt paper. I easily returned to the article I had been reading. Advertising, even small ads, are easy to notice and well organised. Congratulations! 
I have been the reader of Gazeta Przemysu Drzewnego almost since the beginning of my work at Pfleiderer and my involvement in the timber market. It is the only opinion-forming magazine in the industry. I have always been keenly interested in articles, particularly features. I like the initiative displayed by GPD reporters. Whenever something crucial for the industry happens, there is always a representative of the magazine, more often than not as the only representative from the media.