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Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 2 (181) Luty 2012
European sawmill production is dominated by Scandinavia, Austria and Germany, but un unexpected advance was made last year by Russia. Poland, on the other hand, cannot make it to the top. Twenty largest sawmill enterprises in Europe produced in 2011 in total ca. 33.2 mln m3 of lumber. The leading enterprise in Europe is Finlands Stora Enso Wood Product, whose 21 plants produced in total over 5 mln m3 of lumber. The ranking accounts only for production in European plants. In 2010 the Finnish companys output was weaker only by 50,000 m3. Stora Ensos  largest sawmills are located in Sweden- in Groves Sgverk and in Austria - in Brand, both with capacity of 420,000 m3 each. 
Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 2 (181) Luty 2012
Even though society have started to feel the effects of the economic slowdown, Russian timber industry experiences a revival. Russian timber industry is becoming more powerful. Experts claim that the current, already visible development of all branches of the timber industry is gong to expand.