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Technique and technologies
Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 3 (182) Marzec 2012
After the second year of operation of the system developed by Hcker Polytechnik company and the fire-fighting installation, it appears that the 1.2 mln PLN paid by Sklejka-Eko from Ostrw Wielkopolski has been a well-spent money, part of which came from subsidies. In SKLEJKA-EKO company based Ostrw Wielkopolski dust removal from woodworking machines carried out by obsolete cyclone installations cleaning air was so troublesome for the local residents that the living in the neighbourhood was considered a nuisance and the company faced many complaints. More so that failures occurred from time to time, which consisted in blocking of the cyclones, leading to increased dust emission to the atmosphere. Failures also caused stoppages in production, as installations had to be cleaned. Everything changed after the installation of the innovative system developed by Hcker Polytechnik, based on vacuum fabric filters. The investment was implemented by Polytechnik DPU from Strzegom. 

The system replaced the cyclone battery, which mainly helps reduce the plants impact on the natural environment, by reducing dust emission almost to zero, since the producer of the filters guaranteed air clearing to the level of ca. 0,1 mg/m3 of dust. And it is not the only benefit from the investment worth 1.2 mln PLN.
Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 3 (182) Marzec 2012
For many months, instead of constructing timber elements and earning money, a craftsmen had been writing letters, intervening and
Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 3 (182) Marzec 2012
MHS Serwis Mikulski implements a record-breaking contract for Silva. It is not easy to design and construct a trailer for a vehicle used for transporting wood waste and sawdust to the producer of wood based-boards, and - on the way for another batch of post-production wood - deliver those boards to the local warehouse. The problem is each of those cargoes requires a different loading.   

Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 2 (181) Luty 2012
Time losses during production, caused by frequent changes, can be reduced to a minimum only by making the whole process automatic - with the application of innovative technological solutions. FLEX STORE combines the functions of a panel saw and automatic panel storage system. This is a highly advanced   technology and is designated for enterprises specialising in the manufacture of short product series and for wholesale stores selling boards and providing timber processing services.
Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 2 (181) Luty 2012
Thanks to the application of a specific production system, customer complaints have been reduced to a minimum and delays in order fulfilment eliminated. Machines and production lines in the PAUL company are installed by teams headed by a project leader. The project leader also conducts, directly in the production hall, initial trainings for future operators. The Paul team performs all complex installations. The same team is also in charge of start-ups, regulations and tests under maximum load. Simultaneously, employees that are to operate a given production line undergo relevant trainings.