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  „...always present where wood is processed...”
Economy and the market
Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 2 (181) Luty 2012
The number of timber and furniture plants wiling to take on students for practical work is decreasing! In the course of the last four years the number of schools educating students in fields connected with forestry and the furniture industry dropped by almost a half. When in 2007 we, as a Publishing House
Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 2 (181) Luty 2012
UNECE (United Nations Economy Council Europe) Timber Committee forecasts a slight increase in the consumption and sale of timber products in Europe in 2012. Germany and Poland are expected to be the green islands on the wood-oriented map of Europe. Each such increase gives rise to optimism although the forecasts do not guarantee it. So is the case with the assumptions regarding an increase in the consumption of wood products in the territory of Europe, North America, Russian Federation, former USSR, released during the annual meeting of UNECE Timber Committee in Antalya, Turkey. In 2011 an increase around 0.8% was reported, but in 2012 it will exceed 1%. At the same time, the production is estimated to increase by 1.5% and 1.7% respectively, which, compared to the former figures, is not an equally positive news.