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Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 2 (181) Luty 2012
The Siberian Larch has a much lighter timber than most exotic timbers used outdoors, but thanks to its characteristics it can successfully be applied in small garden architecture. The Siberian Larch timber is light and with 12% humidity level its thickness amounts to 590 kg/m3. Compared to the European Larch, its timber has similar average shrinkage levels, implying an average tendency to shrink and moderate tendency to bend. The mechanical properties of the Siberian Larch timber are better than those of the European Larch. Its resistance to pressure along fibres amounts on average to 65 MPa, whereas in the case of the European Larch
Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 2 (181) Luty 2012
Kielsteg elements are the perfect solution in wide range structures. Unclosed, light and load-bearing Kielsteg elements are made of two layers of square timber between which are glued bent linking elements made of plywood or OSB board. A characteristic curvature of the fillers guarantees strong resistance of the construction element. Therefore, the elements are the perfect solution in wide range structures applied in roofs and ceilings. Slender and tall elements with empty spaces between external square timbers enable multiple installations.