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Exactly 15 years ago, in February 1997, the first issue of todays best known timber industry monthly was published, under the original title
Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 3 (182) Marzec 2012

Will other industry associations follow in the footsteps of the Polish Floor Installers Association and decide to implement the quality management system? The first ISO certificate 9001-2008 was granted to the industry association at the Budma Fair in Pozna. The German certification body TV SD carried out in December 2001 an audit of the Polish Floor Installers Association with regards to the system of quality control. As a result of the audit, compliance of the internal system of ensuring quality with the requirements of ISO 9001 was established.

Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 3 (182) Marzec 2012
Edmar company from Krusza Duchowna near Inowrocaw has been operating for 39 years. During that time it built over 4 thousand houses of wood. It presented one of its structures at the Budma Fair in Pozna. - We made both single-storey and multi-storey, residential and holiday houses  - informs Sebastian Pietrzak, proprietor of Edmar company. - We build them according to our designs or in accordance with specifications provided by our customers. The total time for manufacturing one house is from 2 to 3 months, and the assembly takes just a few days. 
Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 2 (181) Luty 2012
It is only now that the concentration of production in the Polish timber industry is taking speed. It is planned by KPPD as well as TPPD.  For many years decentralisation of production was more prevalent. Single sawmill and wood processing plants, previously owned by State Timber Industry Plants of Lower Silesia, Koszalin, Gdask or Greater Poland, were restructured into more or less profitable companies. Small sawmills have not always been stronger than competition, since they only produce lumber and also because of their obsolete technologies and lack of investments.  
Opublikowano w wydaniu Nr 2 (181) Luty 2012
Grape growers have been affected by the economic crisis only marginally, so the management of Azalia company from Wielka Wie near Wchock (witokrzyskie Voivodship) is more worried about timber shortages than lack of orders for finished products. Although Wiesawa Derlatka